My name is Rebecca and I am a curious designer and create visual designs using illustrations, images and typography. 
I have a playful approach to design that shines through in my products. I'm an aestheticist to my fingertips, I have a super sharp visual eye and mindset, and I have my finger on the pulse of the latest trends and tendencies.
No matter what I'm working on, I strive to deliver unique solutions that communicate in line with the brand's DNA and where aesthetics and quality go hand in hand.
As a person, I'm very social, easy to smiles and down to earth. I'm always working on creative projects, such as my poster universe, sewing or amateur photography.  
For as long as I can remember, I have always been passionate about design, fashion and architecture.
I have a deep curiosity, a thirst to learn and experience more. 
I love to travel, explore and discover and each new destination inspires me in my creativity.
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